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Gold Import

SK Gold Company has the competency to import every type of precious metals and precious stones. In line with the requirements and needs of our customers, our services includes, direct import, temporary import and import by consignment.

Gold Export

In line with the demands of our international and domestic customers, we procure requested quantity of gold and silver and we convey goods to requested countries.

Gold Refining

About 100 % of the pure gold is refined in the best quality. During the refining process, we reduce the risk of environmental pollution.


For companies who produce gold and silver: insured transportation from mine to Borsa Istanbul. In Borsa Istanbul we provide consultancy services on many fields such as registration services.

Precious Metals Market

We provide consultancy and support on registration of gold and silver that companies produced to Borsa Istanbul Precious Metals Market, its exportation and its international and domestic sales.

Gold Banking

SK Gold Company provides; precious metal account, custodian account, investment account, credit account, international transfer of funds, and management of precious metal account.

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